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Mistakes To Avoid When Treating Knee Pain

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mistakes to avoid when treating knee pain

Knee pain is a common problem that the majority of people on the planet experience at one point or another. For some, pain in the knees may be something they feel for a day or two in a lifetime, while for others, it’s a permanent discomfort that is difficult to get rid of. Although at first, you may assume that knee pain is nothing serious, it could quickly turn into an obstacle that prevents you from doing your regular activities with comfort and ease. 

It could put a barrier to being involved in sports, continuing to pursue your career path if it involves a lot of physical activity, and could be a reason for daily struggles. Most people don’t seek professional help for knee pain when they first notice the problem but instead choose to rely on home remedies or supportive accessories. Indeed, using the help of tourmaline self-heating knee pads or an advanced knee support brace could certainly help relieve the pain and restore your daily routine. However, it’s important to know how to approach knee pain treatment. 

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In this article, we’ll go over some of the most common mistakes people make when treating knee pain. By being aware of what not to do, you’ll be a step ahead and you’ll increase the chance of handling knee pain without special medical interventions or surgery. Of course, keep in mind that if the pain does not go away or increases, it’s best to arrange a check-up with a doctor or another professional.

Common mistakes when treating knee pain 

Sometimes, people rely on intuition to treat knee pain. Other times, they read the first two paragraphs off a blog post they’ve randomly found online without really researching how legit the source is. And on some occasions, they’ll fully rely on advice that they’ve received from a friend who is certainly not an expert in the field. This leads to a range of negative consequences that could easily be avoided if you stay away from the following common mistakes when treating knee pain. 

Poor choice of treatment exercises

Knee pain is not limited to one type. In fact, there are tons of different knee problems that could arise that all lead to slightly different knee pain and symptoms. One of the biggest problems when trying to eliminate knee pain with exercise is choosing the same type of activity for different knee problems. Each condition and type of knee problem requires its own, unique and independent types of exercise. While part of the problem may be getting better as a result of your exercising efforts, another part may actually be worsening without you even realizing it. You’ll definitely spot it when the problem has become unbearable and demands urgent medical attention. 

Choosing knee extensions as a treatment

Next up on our list, knee extensions. While there is nothing wrong with knee extensions if your body is strong and healthy, choosing them as treatment if you’re not sure what’s wrong with the knee may not be the best option for you. There is a chance that your knee hurts because your quadriceps are not strong enough. If this is the case, doing knee extensions could be useful as they help strengthen the quadriceps. However, if they are already strong and stable and your knee still hurts, the problem is somewhere else. In fact, strengthening the quadriceps more in this situation will lead to a negative consequence rather than help. 

Solely focusing on the knee

Just because you feel the pain in your knee doesn’t mean that the problem you have is entirely focused on that area. Oftentimes, the area that signalises about the pain is not the actual area that is the cause of the pain. In a lot of cases, it turns out that the knee is only the victim of something else happening in the body. This could be a problem with the joints or other conditions that need to be examined. 

One example is when the gluteus medius is not strong enough and can’t provide protection and control for the thigh bone. This could lead to a meniscus tear and an MCL tear. The knee will certainly feel the pain but it is not the one responsible. In order to find a suitable treatment, it’s essential to check other parts of the body too. 


Another mistake that people make when dealing with knee pain and think that they’re improving the situation is stretching. The majority of people assume that stretching is a cure to anything and will always lead to a positive outcome. However, this is not always the case. In fact, if you’re struggling with knee pain and stretch, you may increase the damage. 

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If the stretching you’ve selected focuses on the right muscles, at the right time, for the right duration, the outcome will be positive. However, if you stretch a muscle that’s impacting the knee pain or involved in the problem, the situation will worsen. Sometimes, it could lead to a slower recovery from the injury. If you want to understand whether or not your knee problem can be supported with certain stretching, it’s best to have it checked by a doctor who can provide professional guidance and advice. 

Only focusing on passive solutions

Yes, there are a range of passive therapies that you can try in order to cope with knee pain and treat the problem. However, solely relying on things like massages, lasers, hot packs, and chiropractic won’t do the trick. These treatments don’t really require much activity from you. Even if they could be really useful, it’s essential to combine them with a treatment that requires your active participation. For example, the right set of exercises.

Not keeping track of results 

Treating knee pain should be observed like any other goal you set yourself. The missions should have a clear objective that is measurable and should follow a certain process. If you’re indulging in a range of activities that you’ve chosen to decrease or fully eliminate knee pain but are not tracking the results, you’re leaving everything to chance. You can assess the reasons for the knee pain with professional support and you could also assess the time necessary for improvement, the levels of pain, and more. 

For example, a few factors that could show you the health and condition of your knee include: 

  • Hip flexion
  • Hip extension
  • Hip abduction & adduction
  • Medial & lateral rotation

There are a lot more that you could become familiar with by speaking to a medical professional. 

Not considering weight a problem

Not a lot of people consider that weight could also be a significant problem for the knees, leading to long-term problems and conditions. Before looking elsewhere for the cause of knee problems, it’s essential to assess your weight. Especially if your knee pain hasn’t been the result of an injury, it may be a result of too much pressure put on the knees and joints, causing them to malfunction. Weight plays a great role in knee pain and losing a few pounds may help you:

  • Decrease the pressure put on the knees
  • Eliminate joint inflammation
  • Avoid the risk of developing certain diseases and conditions

Wearing the wrong shoes

Lastly, poor choice of shoes is a popular mistake that a lot of people make due to lack of information. The type of shoes that you wear can influence your knees as they put a certain amount of strain on them. This may not always sound like something significant, but it is. The biggest joints in the human body are the knees and hips. The carry the pressure of supporting your weight. This is the main reason why the choice of shoes is essential. There are types of shoes that can put a great deal of damage to the joints, like heels for example. If you are suffering from knee pain, it’s best to avoid wearing shoes on high heels or pumps. 

Instead, go for a pair of shoes for athletes or specifically designed for running. They are created to offer support and protection for the joints and will help you stay in perfect orthopaedic health. 

Enjoy painless days

As you can see, dealing with knee pain alone is no easy task and carries a lot of challenges and risks. Even if you think you’re doing the right thing, it may turn out that you’ve been creating a bigger problem and influencing more parts of the body. We hope that by having this information available, you’ll be better prepared to tackle knee pain and find a suitable solution that will guarantee results in the long-term. By taking into consideration the mistakes that others have already made, you can be a step ahead and ensure that you’re making the right decisions to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid pain in the knees

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