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Pro Compression Calf Sleeves

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★ Help with Varicose Veins, Spider Veins, Calf Cramps, Calf Strains, Achilles Tendonitis, Leg Swelling, Leg Pain

★ Improved blood circulation, quicker regeneration and recovery

★ Awesome for traveling

★ Come as pairs in either skin or black color

★ Suited for any activity, sports or if you need to rest your legs


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Everything you want from a compression product

Not everyone likes compression socks. While socks are generally a great option if your pain points involve the foot, ankle or Achilles tendon, calf sleeves are an awesome idea if your injury or pain is a bit higher.

Whether you want to ease symptoms of shin splints, calf pain, varicose veins or if you are searching for a good option to increase blood circulation in your legs, a solution for longer periods of sitting, like in an airplane or need quicker recovery times after an injury or extended workout session. Compression can help.

How does compression work in my body?

To really understand how compression works, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of how blood flows through our bodies. Your heart pumps blood that contains oxygen to your extremities and muscles. After using this oxygen and other nutrients from your blood, the deoxygenated blood flows back to your heart. When it gets back to your heart, your lungs fill it up with oxygen and the process is repeated. Over and over again.arteries and veins blood flow

So you see that keeping oxygenated blood flowing through your body is super important. And the more oxygen your body cells get, the more and better they can function. Now, when you decided to take a walk, spend some time on your feet or even exercise or have a run, the body needs more oxygen. Additionally, the body produced lactic acid that needs to be removed from the muscles. Otherwise it creates pain, soreness and decreased performance. Now that we know what our bodies do and how they react to physical load, we can have a look at what compression sleeves are good for.

Graduated compression that good socks and sleeves are made with help to fight the effects of gravity and assist your body in venous return. That means that deoxygenated blood can flow back to the heart better and quicker. Recent studies show that the walls of your arteries will dilate with an optimal level of compression. This means that arterial blood flow is increased by a whopping 40%. More oxygen and more nutrients can flow through your body and nurture your cells. On the other hand, the walls of the veins constrict under compression. And this helps to increase the velocity of blood flow too. That way deoxygenated blood and lactic acid is returned back to the heart quicker and the recovery rate is increased. As a result you’ll feel more energy, less pain, faster recovery times after physical exhaustion and decreased fatigue.

Your best choice for shin splints, calf cramps, strains and Achilles tendonitis

Increased blood flow is going to help improve with all of these symptoms. And a lot more. The Pro Compression Calf Sleeves help to reduce micro-trauma in your legs. The top-band sits right below the knee and prevents slipping during activities. A fantastic side benefit is that these sleeves not only work astonishing well for existing pain or injuries, the help prevent future ones too.

The breathable, stretchy material is strong enough to compress and hold, but thin enough to keep your skin breathing. That makes these sleeves a great choice for everyone suffering from spider veins, edema, swelling or other calf issues.

While there are a bunch of fancy colors out there, we decided to focus on quality and results rather than on the look. That’s why we only offer these calf sleeves in black and skin colors. If you need to express yourself through a fancy and unique coloured version, I am sorry. Please look elsewhere. But if you want the best results and a true experience, please go ahead and order yourself a pair of these.

1 review for Pro Compression Calf Sleeves

  1. Judy
    No-Show Compression Sleeves
    I purchased these to wear under jeans and other pants with tennis shoes when traveling on a plane. I found they were easy to slide onto my legs. Easy ...More
    I purchased these to wear under jeans and other pants with tennis shoes when traveling on a plane. I found they were easy to slide onto my legs. Easy to remove.
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