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All of our knee braces, knee supports and knee sleeves are designed for rapid pain relief by soothing the hurting areas and providing the stability you need. Knee pain is the most common reason people are visiting their doctors for. The complex construct of muscles, tendons and ligaments is vulnerable to pain and injury. And conditions like arthritis, tendonitis, meniscus tear, sports injuries, inflammation and soreness can ruin your daily life.

Knee products from Baron Active help reduce swelling and pain by providing stability to the joints, tendons and muscles without limiting mobility. The materials we use make our knee braces extremely comfortable to wear. Less pain – more fun.

Knee braces from Baron Active are made to stabilize your joints, muscles and tendons, provide a gentle massage and medical-grade compression to help with quick healing for the knee after injury. So yeah, our knee braces really help with pain relief.

We highly encourage you NOT to wear your knee brace over clothes. In order to see the best results, the materials need to be in direct contact with the affected area to provide the best stability and support. Additionally, your clothing may cause discomfort by pressing against your painful knee and may cause skin irritation.

Generally, you can wear your knee brace as needed. Just put it on whenever you need some support or before going for a run or heading to the basketball court. If you need some time outside the house running for errands, you can easily wear your knee brace for hours. Just be sure to give your knee some rest from time to time.

Absolutely, our knee braces encourage you to run or get active. However, depending on your condition, please make sure to get in touch with your doctor or healthcare provider in case you feel ongoing pain.

Your knee brace is in direct contact with your skin and most likely you’ve bought it for various activities or sports. So it is inevitable that it gets in contact with sweat and grime from your body.

All of our knee braces are washable, of course. We always recommend washing your knee brace by hand with mild soap. That ensures the best longevity. Products without Velcro straps, knee pads or hinges/inserts, can be machine-washed in cold water. 

After washing, lay your knee brace flat and let it dry by air. Never put it in the dryer. Proper care helps your knee brace to serve you better for longer.

Usually we don’t recommend wearing a knee brace at night. Simply because it is not needed. In most cases, knees don’t hurt when they rest, so wearing a knee brace is not necessary. In rare cases, when your knees hurt at night or if you wake up in pain, you can try and see if wearing your knee brace eases the pain. If that’s the case, you can keep it on.

How to choose the right knee brace for your individual needs really comes down to personal preference, the condition you want to treat and the area of pain you need to support.

For general stabilization and support we always recommend our Painless Knee Support Brace. This is the most sold and best rated overall knee brace for most people. If you need more stability to the patella/knee cap, you should try our All Activity Knee Support Brace. And if you want more compression for a larger area, the Pro Compression Knee Sleeve may be what you’re looking for.

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