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Broken Foot Symptoms, Treatment & Healing Time

A broken foot is an injury where one (or more) bones in your feet break. You may experience a break during an event like a car crash or from a simple misstep or fall. There are many different types of fractures that can range from tiny cracks in your bones

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Achilles tendon rupture – How to diagnose and treat it

Achilles tendon rupture is one of the most common foot injuries. It can happen due to either sudden movements or long-term strain on your Achilles tendon, and pain typically gets worse over time. However, there are treatments you can use to make it feel better and help prevent recurrence like

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Plantar Fascia Tear: How To Recover Fast

Pain in the bottom of your foot can be a stop sign for most activities. If you have ever experienced a painful condition in the morning after waking up or while standing or walking for hours, you know what I am talking about. About 80% of all adults experience foot

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How to treat your neck pain at home

Neck pain is an extremely popular struggle for adults and even children around the world. In fact, it is so common that it has made it into the list of top four most common types of pain along with low back pain, knee pain, and headache. Research shows that between

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Bone Spurs: Symptoms, Causes & Diagnosis

Bone spurs are small bony growths on the surface of bones that develop when there is joint damage or arthritis. They can be painful, but they should not cause any long-term health problems. Bone spurs are sometimes called osteophytes. The areas of the body that are mostly affected are the

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