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Diagnosis and Treatment of Runner’s Knee

It’s time to take control of your knee pain. And I’m going to show you how, step by step. You’ll learn all about the different conditions that can cause runner’s knee and which are most likely responsible for your pain. But don’t worry – there is a cure for each

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Everything you should know about stretching

Summer is almost here and we are all dreaming of those perfect fit bodies that we can show off on the beach. And even if that’s not exactly our planned summer, let’s face it – the majority of people will try to work out as much as possible to stay

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Athlete’s Foot

We are very conscious about taking care of our health. When we notice that any part of our body has a disease we will pay a visit to the doctor to cure the problem. Unfortunately the only part of our bodies that we sometimes forget to check for health problems

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How to Eat To Decrease Inflammation: 3 Expert Tips

In a perfect world, we would all have the energy to exercise regularly, eat healthy foods and get enough sleep. But in reality, many of us don’t have time for these things or we struggle with motivation. If you’re feeling like chronic inflammation is taking over your life, it’s time

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