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Beginner’s Guide To Fitness: Start Running

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beginners guide to fitness start running article

Running is one of the best exercises you can do. Running burns more calories than any other exercise, and it’s fun to boot! You don’t need much gear to get started, but there are a few things that will make your running experience even better. Here are some tips for getting started.

How to start running today

If you’re already in good shape, you might want to just go for it. But if running is something new to you, be sure not to rush into it. Start with walking, then incorporate jogging intervals. For example: Walk for two minutes, jog for one minute. Then gradually increase the time spent jogging and decrease the time spent walking as you get more accustomed to running.


You won’t see results if you don’t stick with your program. Keep yourself motivated by setting goals, both short-term and long-term. If you can only run for a minute today, that’s okay – tomorrow is another day! Try not to be too hard on yourself when things get tough. Just keep doing your best, and you’ll soon notice results.

Just get moving!

It doesn’t matter how long you run, just that you do it on a regular basis. If you can only spare 15 minutes to exercise, those fifteen minutes are better than none! You may have heard the phrase “no pain, no gain.” This is not true for running. There should never be any pain while running. If you are experiencing pain, stop immediately and allow yourself to recover. After a few days of rest, try again and see if the problem persists.

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Start running today

I’ll start tomorrow. This is probably the most used phrase that’s killing dreams and goals of all times. It’s important to start straight away. Even if you’re not doing much – just do it. You’ll gain momentum as you go along. Just start up your engine and rev up for a fitter you!

Run regularly

Running is not a once-a-week event. It might work for some, but most people will find it hard to maintain the momentum if they don’t run on a regular basis. Aim for running three times a week and give your body enough rest between runs. Your body will adapt to regular running and in no time you’ll be a runner!

Run longer

Once your body has adjusted to running regularly, you can push a little bit harder. Start by running a bit longer each time, not faster. You’ll stretch your boundaries and it will be easier to run longer in subsequent sessions. It’s important not to overdo it – start slow and do what works for you. In some time, you’ll be running further than ever before!

Get faster

Soon your body is getting used to longer runs. Now it’s time to get moving faster. After your run, try doing some quick drills and exercises to boost your speed. These will also help prevent injuries. You’ll be amazed at how much faster you can go once you get the hang of it!

Keys to success

Running is more of a mental game than a physical. And in order to win this game, you’ll need to convince your brain that your overall health benefits massively.

Running should be fun and when you follow a few guidelines, you’ll enjoy it very soon after you’ve started. Here are some keys to long-term success for you.

Health Check

This one is important for you if you’re older than 50 or carry too much weight with you for some years. It’s time to get a full medical checkup before running. If you are in any way unwell, consult your doctor and take care of any issues before starting to run.

Get the right gear

For running, you need footwear that is not only comfortable but also provides the necessary support. Don’t buy a new pair of shoes without trying them on – make sure they fit correctly and provide adequate cushioning for your feet. Also, wearing the right kind of clothing will keep you cool and sweat-free during your runs. There’s so much cool gear that you can get that will not only benefit your runs, but will also boost your motivation. I mean, I can’t wait to try out my new shoes, watch, heart rate monitor or pants whenever I get something new. I am sure it’ll be no different for you.

Set your goals

Setting realistic goals is the best way to keep yourself motivated. Make running your priority and let nothing interfere with it, not even work or family. Take a day off when you need one and don’t make any excuses for slacking off – just do what’s necessary to get out there and run!

In order to keep pushing your boundaries and staying motivated, it’s vital to set a few long-term goals. This will give you the impetus you need to keep running every day!

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Start slow

Building up to longer and faster runs is essential for runners. This requires you to run at a slower pace when you start out. It’ll be harder for sure – but the important thing here is that it’ll pay off in the long run. Start slowly, get into your stride, feel healthier than ever before and appreciate all the benefits of running.

The most important thing to remember is that running can actually be difficult. There’s no denying this fact! So it’s better to start slowly and build up from there. You’ll get your pace soon enough and you’ll be more confident, fit and faster than ever before!

Running requires extreme mental strength. If you give it your best and start out slowly, you’ll soon be able to run longer and faster – which means more benefits for you! You can then look forward to an increased level of fitness, better health and just being a happier person altogether.

Find your track

Find a nice track and discover how amazing it feels to run in one direction for a while. Running on trails is also good, as long as you have room. Be careful with sandy areas or deep puddles – they can cause some nasty injuries!

Don’t overdo anything at first – take things slow. Once you are comfortable with running, you can head out to trails and discover how amazing it feels to run in the open air.

The best thing about jogging is that you can do it anywhere – find an area around your neighbourhood that’s nice enough to jog through and start there. Later on, as your stamina improves, you can explore other tracks for a change of pace – just be careful in the beginning!

Find a nice track or route near your home that you actually enjoy. Get some fresh air, sunshine on your skin, enjoy the sounds of nature or the city, and just be one with your surroundings.

Distract yourself

Running is a great way to take your mind off stressful thoughts. Focus on your breath, count your steps or set out to find 10 things you can see during every run. Whatever helps you distract yourself during your jogging session will improve your running and keep you motivated, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different things.

While some people like to listen to their favourite music or play music that gives you the breathing rhythm you’re looking for, I prefer to distract myself with the surroundings. There’s just so much that can be seen and experienced if you focus on what’s around you – whether it’s a busy street or a park, there’s always something interesting going on!

Distraction is vital for running. It helps relieve stress which in turn prevents injury, reduces muscle tension and reduces cortisol in the body. If you’re distracted, you’ll be able to run longer and get more ground covered – which means you’ll improve your fitness and stamina too!

Change your scenery

Running with friends and family can motivate you even further – as long as they don’t slow you down. Find people that are looking to up their fitness and challenge each other to beat your personal bests.

Running doesn’t have to be done alone – find a friend or family member who’s on the same page as you and make it into a daily thing. It’ll give you something to look forward to which will help keep you motivated. You can set goals together, create challenges and share experiences.

Don’t be afraid to invite some friends along for a run too – as long as they don’t slow you down of course! Whether your partner also runs or your best friend lives nearby and wants to improve their fitness, it doesn’t matter. You’ll get that extra push and motivation from them which will keep you going and give you an incentive to keep improving.

Be active for the right reasons

If you have a goal that is driving your motivation, such as participating in a marathon or triathlon, focus on reaching this goal. Sign up for events that motivate you to train harder – whether it’s a charity 5k run, half-marathon or full marathon – and enjoy the journey.

Running can be a fun way to keep fit, but if you’re in it for the right reasons then it will make all the difference. Having a goal or challenge in mind will give you that extra push needed to be consistent in your workouts and get out there time after time, week after week no matter how tired you feel.

Don’t forget to set small goals along the way so that you don’t get demotivated and lose interest in your training sessions – even if it’s something as small as running for 5 minutes every day or doing one push-up more than the day before. Rewards are also a useful tool that will keep you motivated to reach your goals – give yourself a treat when you achieve something and keep the momentum going.

Another great way to get motivated is by signing up for races that will help push you further than you would have gone on your own – both during the event and outside of it! It’s all about being accountable, so whether that means entering a race that interests you or joining a group of runners who will compete with each other to be the fastest, it doesn’t matter. As long as you feel like there’s more pushing you to your limits and bettering yourself, you’ll perform better at everything.

Break down your running goal into smaller milestones so that it doesn’t seem so daunting. If your goal is to run a marathon, think about how you can work towards this goal. Sign up for 10k races, half marathons and other events that will push you further than you would go on your own.

You might be the type of person who feels better about yourself when you’re surrounded by people at the same level as you, so if this is the case look online or ask your friends what they’re doing to get fit. If none of them are into running, find some that are and create a group for yourselves – whether it’s by going for walking sessions with your dog or meeting up at the gym before work.

It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you’re consistent and improving your times with every run you go on. If you have a friend who’s not looking to improve their fitness but are happy enough going for slow runs, keep it casual and enjoy the experience – after all, exercise should be fun!

Make a training plan and stick to it

Free up your schedule for your runs. Life can get in the way too often, so try not to skip too many sessions. It is very important that you keep running. One way to ensure this is to create a training plan for yourself. Think about when and where you’d like to run and make an appointment with your track.

If you’re looking to run longer or faster it is essential to build some exercises into your runs, like intervals sprinting or hills training. It’s a great way to keep challenging yourself and improve your running time and will also feel great when you achieve it!

If life is getting in the way of your training sessions, try combining them with something else you enjoy doing – whether that’s cycling, swimming or lifting weights. This makes exercise more enjoyable for you so that you don’t feel like you’re always giving something up or getting out of your comfort zone.

A good way to keep yourself motivated is by signing up for races, as this will give you an extra push to work harder and perform your best. Start by entering 5k and 10 k races before taking on bigger challenges like half marathons or full marathons.

Keep track of your runs

With today’s tech gadgets and software, you can easily track your runs, even if it’s indoors on the treadmill. Track your progress with things like Nike Training Club or Map my Run to see how far and how fast you’re going.

Make up little rewards for yourself when you achieve certain milestones, such as buying a new pair of running shoes, joining a gym or finding some new running clothes. These little ‘rewards’ will keep you going and help you to track your progress over time!

Have patience

It might take a while for you to notice any difference in how fast or far you can run, so be patient. It’s important that you don’t get disheartened if the first few times are tough, as this won’t last long. Running is a great form of exercise and will only get easier if you keep it up!

You might not feel like you’re in the best shape to start running, but that’s okay – everyone has to start somewhere. Even if your goal is something short-term, like running around the block twice without stopping, that’s okay. You should be proud of yourself just for giving it a try!

It is important to start running slowly and build up the intensity as you go on. If you run too fast when you’re not used to it, your lungs will struggle with the amount of oxygen they need, and this can lead to pain in your chest or side.

It is better to train for short distances and to end while you still feel fresh, than push yourself too far and risk injury. If you’re looking for an activity that doesn’t involve running at all, why not consider other things like bicycling or swimming?

Stretch your muscles often

Once you start running, it’s important that you stretch properly. Take time to warm up and cool down before you run. This will help reduce your risk of injury as well as keeping your muscles and joints flexible. A good way to warm up is by walking fast, then running slow for 5 minutes or doing some stretches. Stretching should be done after warming up, but not before. When stretching, hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds and try to do them once or twice a day.

Doing these stretches regularly will help you become more flexible and injury free!


The most important thing for beginners is to set realistic goals and not push themselves too hard. This way, you can avoid injury and make the process of running more enjoyable! If you’re looking to start your fitness journey or need a refresher, check out this beginner’s guide to running! We hope that these tips will help get you started on your own path towards success by focusing on what matters: taking care of yourself so that life outside work isn’t always getting in the way. What are some ways you’ve found helpful when it comes to staying motivated? Let us know in the comments below or connect with our team today if we can provide additional assistance.

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