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Foot Drop, Plantar Fasciitis & Ankle Support Splint

(5 customer reviews)



★ Padded inner lining for maximum comfort

★ Universal design fits either the right or left foot

★ Two adjustable hook-and-loop closures for a comfortable and secure fit

★ Breathable special fabric for less oder and bacteria for a great feel

★ Wear it during days, nights, at home or while traveling

★ Adjustable to fit any size and foot shape

★ Perfect rest for plantar fasciitis, drop foot, achilles tendonitis, heel spurs, arthritis or any foot and ankle disorder that needs rest

★ Rest sprained and broken ankles and feet


The Right Support Matters

Foot pain has many faces. And many symptoms. Unfortunately foot pain is becoming more and more regular and both old and young people are affected.

In most cases you can treat yourself with a combination of rest and exercises quite effectively. And most disorders, like foot drop, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, inflammation and heel spurs can be treated really well with the right splint.

A brace or splint on your ankle and foot that fits in your shoe during the day and works well at night is essential. You need to keep your feet in the perfect “resting position” to feel results quickly. During the night, it is extremely important that you hold your ankle in dorsiflexion. While this sounds complicated, you won’t be able to do this on your own. Simply because you cannot make conscious decisions while splespig. At least most of us can’t. But you can outsource this task to a night splint. And this will take care of your foot and ankle perfectly.

Adjustable, Breathable and Light Weight

This new ankle support splint might be your best choice if you’re searching for a quick and easy solution. Breathable and light weight materials allow you to wear the splint for extended periods without giving up comfort. You don’t need to worry about sizes, simply because the splint comes with adjustable straps that make this brace a great fit for any foot size or shape. You can wear it on your left or right foot, so there is no need to purchase a different one for each foot. And if you just want to support one foot, you save some money because there is no need to buy a pair. Sounds fair?

5 reviews for Foot Drop, Plantar Fasciitis & Ankle Support Splint

  1. Wendy Mckain
    I decided to try this product out around my home. It is so much better than having to wear a shoe and brace around the house. It is comfortable and li...More
    I decided to try this product out around my home. It is so much better than having to wear a shoe and brace around the house. It is comfortable and light.
    Helpful? 1 1
    Foot Drop, Plantar Fasciitis & Ankle Support Splint
    I do believe this has improved my foot drop. I wear it at night only.
    Helpful? 2 1
    Excellent product
    I brought this for my wife’s injured foot, ordering was easy and delivery was really fast. Great product and well worth the money.
    Helpful? 1 1
    Quickly delivered as ordered!
    Easy to order, questions asked via email answered promptly, reasonably fast delivery. Product was as described and performing as expected.
    Helpful? 0 1
    Thomas Wanuga
    Fairly quick order response based, on stated supply chain location. Product is as advertised. Works well
    Helpful? 2 1
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