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Patellar Knee Strap

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★ REDUCE PAIN – Can help relieve symptoms from Patellar Tendonitis (Runner’s / Jumper’s Knee), Arthritis, Osgood-Schlatter Disease and ore.

★ CUSTOM-LIKE FIT – Adjustable X-Strap design for custom sizing and fitting. Fits both the left and right knee. Fits any size and any shape.

★ COMFORT – Innovative Tubular, non-slip buttress applies constant uniform compression at the patellar tendon.

★ IDEAL FOR ANY SPORT  – Perfect for Walking, Running, Hiking, Soccer, Biking, Basketball, Football, Volleyball and more.

PERFECT AMOUNT OF COMPRESSION – Two individually adjustable straps make it super easy for you to find the perfect compression zones for you.

PROTECTION & PREVENTION – Not only helps with current knee problem, but keeps the cartilage, joints and tendons from degenerating further.


Your knee will thank you for this

Knee problems are the number one reason why people stop being active. More than any other area of your body, your knees are subject to a variety of forces and actions. Especially when you’re working out, running or playing.

common causes of knee problems

No wonder that knee problems are the number one career ending cause for many athletes. Even with proper training and exercises, less stress on the knees and correct performance of sports drills, the reality is that injuries do happen. No matter how much you prepare and try to prevent them. That’s why trainers, coaches and physiotherapists have found all kinds of different solutions to treat knee injuries. And one of them, maybe the most inexpensive one, is to wear a Patellar Knee Strap.

While a normal patellar strap just sits below the patellar or knee cap, we designed ours in a different, more effective way. With the two-strap-design we target not only the patellar, but also keep the complete knee in the correct position. All while applying the perfect amount of pressure and compression for the knee to be stable and safe. The ingenious X-design makes it extremely easy to adjust the compression to your preferred comfort level. Additionally, it makes this strap fit any knee. Don’t worry about sizing issues or trying to measure the circumference of your knee. Simply put this knee strap around your knee and adjust it to your liking. Yes, it’s that easy.

How can a Patellar Strap Help?

Knee pain has numerous different causes and symptoms. But the most common malady is called PFPS – Patellar Femoral Pain Syndrome. This occurs through constant contact between the underside of the knee cap and the femur. Everyone doing sports is at risk, basketballers, runners, CrossFitters, football players or walkers. And as you get older, you’re even more prone to this painful syndrome that can easily force you to be less active. Especially females with an increased Q-Angle in the knee are (knock-knees) are affected and should be wearing a Patellar Knee Strap for prevention, even if they’re not feeling the pain yet.

Patellar Straps, sometimes called just knee straps, sit below the knee cap. The idea is to press on the patellar tendon to tighten up the knee mechanism. In result, this should prevent the knee cap from constantly touching the femur. Knee straps not only help ease the discomfort of a patellar syndrome, they keep the cartilage that would normally prevent contact from degenerating any further.

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1 review for Patellar Knee Strap

    Rose Makinaw
    Painless Knee Support Brace
    Very good product. Help ease pain in knee when it is very painful. Most likely order another set.
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