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Tourmaline Therapy Socks

(3 customer reviews)


★ Pain relief, better blood circulation, faster healing and recovery

★ Helps with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arthritis, diabetes and other foot disorders

★ Nano tourmaline particles in fabric

★ Relieve pain, fatigue and regulate the nervous system, reduce swelling

★ Transform body heat into therapeutic far infrared energy

★ Perfect if you have always cold feet

★ Help with cold feet thanks to self-heating effect


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Feel the power of tourmaline to relieve pain, fatigue and regulate blood flow

If you feel pain in your feet, especially at the bottom, the tourmaline therapy socks will change your life. Foot pain can be really hard to deal with. No matter if you need to spend hours on your feet during your job or hobby, whether you are dealing with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, flat feet or other foot disorders. And if you just want to get rid of cold feet, you should read on, too.socks for foot pain

Tourmaline is a group of minerals with a variety of chemical formulas. Common elements found in tourmalines are aluminium, silicon, chromium, oxygen, hydrogen, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron and lithium. If you think that tourmalines are among the most complicated chemical formulas, you’re absolutely right. However, this complexity has some serious advantages for your life.

Tourmaline products are extremely energy efficient. The particles absorb body heat and transform this energy into far infrared energy. As a result, this far infrared energy can be transmitted back to the body for therapeutic purposes. Far infrared energy stimulates cells and tissues to heal and recover faster. Saunas are using this healing effect for thousands of years already. Besides far infrared energy, tourmalines can convert body heat into electrical potential charge. This charge produces negative ions, which reduce inflammation in your body and have as anti-aging benefits. Now what would it mean if there was a way to bring this healing energy into everyone’s daily life?

When being used as a therapeutic mineral, tourmaline enhances the flow of chi energy and reduces oxidative stress, increase blood flow, blood oxygen concentration and help to generate new blood vessels.

tourmaline therapy socks self heating magnetic pain relief plantar fasciitis heel spur blood circulation faster healingAfter we got the scientific part down, we can finally talk about how the use of tourmaline in socks help with pain relief. Our tourmaline therapy socks feature tiny nanometer sizes tourmaline particles that are infused into the fabric at the soles of these socks. That way the far infrared energy is directly applied where it is needed the most. This special weaving technique results in accelerated healing processes, stimulated blood flow, increase of oxygen levels and reduced inflammation. You see, they’re perfect to wear after a stressful day at the office or just for relaxing on the couch.

The self-heating effect has a side effect of warming your feet. So if you don’t suffer from foot pain, but are consistently having cold feet, the tourmaline therapy socks are well worth buying as well.

The tourmaline therapy socks are perfectly suited for any activity and just look like ordinary socks. Wear them discreetly at the office, indoor or outdoor activities. Just grab your favorite color and add them to your cart. You can still benefit from our worldwide free shipping promotion. So hurry up and get yourself a pair of these socks as long as the promotion is still running.

3 reviews for Tourmaline Therapy Socks

  1. Sally Germon
    Relief daily & overnight
    These socks work well enough for my painful arthritis but could be better.
    Helpful? 0 0
    Theresa Robidoux
    I do not like the socks. They did not stop the swelling at all and they did not help the pain. Im Sorry but i would not recommend them at all.
    Helpful? 3 0
    Nice Product
    These have been helpful and provide relief for my feet and actually fit my wide feet and do not squeeze like the compression ones. Would recommend
    Helpful? 12 2
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