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Pro Protection Ankle Guard



★ The most comfortable rigid ankle support brace you can get

★ Premium hard shell protection for weak ankles, unstable ankles or ankle sprains

★ Perfect for rehabilitation after ankles injuries or surgery

★ Breathable inner mesh fabric for better air circulation

★ Adjustable velcro strap to fit all sizes and shapes

★ Use it on your left or right foot – genius simplicity

★ Anatomically correct position for feet and ankles



Premium Protection and Stabilization for your Ankles

We have quite some products designed to relieve foot pain and stabilize ankles on our store. And while most of them offer gentle and targeted support through elastic and padded materials, you may need or want to try a more rigid solution.

The new Pro Protection Ankle Guard is simply the most comfortable rigid ankle brace you can imagine. The brace offers premium stabilization for ankle sprains and ankle instabilities in general. This even involves chronic ankle instability. Thanks to an anatomically correct design and durable, breathable and high performance materials with anti-microbial features, the ankle brace provides a super stable and comfortable fit.

Though the brace looks and feels very rigid with its hard shell, we use a special inner mesh to help keep your feet and ankles dry and fresh. That way you can benefit from a functional option to address ankle injuries, prevent them altogether, support rehabilitation after an injury or surgery and protect your ankles as much as you can.

Sizing can be a problem with most ankle braces and supports out there. We know that. That’s why we decided to include an adjustable strap. You can easily adjust the brace to your personal liking and needs. The brace fits almost all people. Only stay away from it if you have really massive ankle swelling or way above average sized ankles or calves. But as this ankle brace is mostly used by active people and sports enthusiasts, it will very likely fit just perfectly fine.

One of the major benefits is that this brace fits both left and right legs and feet. This makes it incredibly easy for you to order on for yourself or someone else. No need to measure your size and choose a size. Just go ahead and order this brace, put it on and protect your ankles the easy way.


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