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Hallux Bunion Splint

(4 customer reviews)



★ Corrects the malpositioning of your big toe constantly

★ Immediate relief from discomfort and pain

★ Works while resting, walking and standing

★ Supports your whole foot with every step

★ Perfect for use as a prophylactic device or postoperatively

★ Faster recovery and rehab times

★ Can be worn left or right and is super easy to put on

★ Soft cushion for best results and maximum comfort


The highest level of big toe correction

The Hallux Bunion Splint was developed by professional podiatrists, scientists and orthopaedic surgeons to relieve pain and for correction of big toe malpositioning (bunion pain, medical term: Hallux Valgus).

A special hinge corrects toe malpositioning instantly, protects the painful bunion and gives you noticeable support for the entire foot. You can wear the splint right or left and it is very easy to put on. Unlike traditional splints, the special hinge system allows you to wear the splint during the day under load. This leads to faster and better results.

bunion big toe pain correction

Due to the flat design you can wear the Hallux Bunion Splint with almost any walking shoe. Benefit from protection and correction of your feet affected by Hallux Valgus at anytime and anywhere.

58% of women and 25% of men are affected

The Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, NY and the University of Massachussetts Medical School in Worcester, MA participated in a study that showed that Hallux Valgus was present in 58% of women and 25% of all men.

Those high numbers came as a real surprise. Yet at the same time it shows that more people should take care of their feet and get a proper treatment, even if just for prevention purposes.

When the big toe moves outwardly this may just seem as a cosmetic problem at first. Serious discomfort, inflammation and swelling follow. If you are among the affected people you should take serious action by now. Otherwise you risk suffering from continuous pain and even the inability to move at all.

How does the Hallux Bunion Splint work?

The Hallux Bunion Splint returns your foot to its natural shape. Besides that it protects and relieves the painful bunion. Timely and prophylactic wearing can even prevent an operation. And after an operation the Hallux Bunion Splint helps you recover faster and with less pain.

Technically and medically, the shrunken soft parts, or capsules, of the base joint of the big toe and expanded and the progressive malpositioning is corrected. Thanks to the special system, metatarsal and toe bandage, the foot is stabilized and incorrect loading is corrected. As a results, your foot can perform natural flexing again.

The Hallux Bunion Splint works wonders both, as a prophylactic device and as an application following a Hallux Valgus surgery.

We recommend wearing the splint regularly at night and whenever possible during your day activities.

If you decide to order your Hallux Bunion Splint today, you’ll benefit from our FREE SHIPPING service, no matter where in the world you are. Just hit add to cart now.

4 reviews for Hallux Bunion Splint

  1. David Bensky
    Very Helpful but...
    The Hallux Bunion Splint is very helpful. But, it is most useful when relaxing (at home). It is applied for an hour or two each time. It is not com...More
    The Hallux Bunion Splint is very helpful. But, it is most useful when relaxing (at home). It is applied for an hour or two each time. It is not compatible for walking (other than taking a few steps at home). Also, the toe adhesive tape will need to be enhanced (with a rubber band or another tape) after a time.
    Helpful? 0 0
    Paul Dukacz
    Bunion splint
    This is a good item and is comfortable to wear. I find that because of the sixe of my foot it is a little difficult to put on.
    Helpful? 1 0
    Leah Rackard
    Excellent product
    Really happy with this product. Highly recommend.
    Helpful? 1 0
    It's help on high level
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