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Painless Elbow Compression Sleeves

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Support your elbows the right way

Super comfortable and lightweight elbow sleeves

Elbow pain can totally ruin your life – and we feel your pain. That’s the number one reason that we started our brand Life Happens Outdoors. Our ultimate goal is to support your health and well-being and giving you back your joy in life.

Elbow pain can have various causes. Whether you have weak, strained or injured elbows, are recovering from an injury or even surgery, the pain in your elbow can ruin your day. Handling daily routine tasks can be tough if you can’t really move as freely as you want to and once your ability to move is restricted you know what I mean.

Protection, Support and Pain Relief

The Painless Elbow Support Braces are designed to help you, regardless of your specific situation or cause of pain. They help you after and during injuries and after surgery. If you suffer from arthritis or elbow tendonitis you should definitely give them a shot. They give you pain relief from strains caused through sports – even from golfer’s or tennis elbow.

knitted elbow support. braces for sports

Moderate compression promotes increased blood flow, while the anatomical design and fabric provides a super comfortable, yet firm fit. Effective protection against future excessive strain is achieved thanks to the functional elements and the enhanced blood circulation. You will feel the support and the ensured stability in the elbow joint right away when you put your Painless Elbow Support Brace on for the very first time.

The number one choice for sports

The compression strengthens the sensorimotor perception of your joints. This results in much better and accurate feedback. The connective tissue and muscles are gently massaged, the pain associated with strains subsides way more quickly and the risk of injuries is heavily reduced.

Athletes need to be able to rely on their bodies. The Painless Elbow Support Brace helps you to do that.

Anti-slip silicone makes these braces always stay in place. Most other braces can get really uncomfortable when they slip and skid. Keeping them in place guarantees the perfect protection and support at all times. To reach that goal we developed a unique insert made of anti-allergical silicone, so you will never have to reposition your brace again.

elastic fabric elbow support brace

The secret is in the fabric

Comfortable, yet highly elastic fabric does a great job when it comes to putting them on or off. The innovative knit prevents bunching or pinching and make them so comfortable. You will almost forget that you are wearing a brace. The fabric that we use is also used in the personal care industry for hygienic reasons. This means less smell due to sweat and bacteria for better skin comfort.

Over time we made the fabric better and better. We were able to implement a major upgrade which is anatomically knitted for a precise fit and features a new level of breathability.

silicone strip elbow support brace

The fabric will not retain heat, but will will also make sure that your skin does not cool down. Keeping the perfect temperature is key for your comfort, especially when wearing a brace for longer periods and not just during sports.

If you want to benefit from the reduced sales price please make sure to order your brace or pair today and you will be eligible for free shipping, regardless where in the world you may be. Act now, you are about to make a great choice!


This elbow brace is sold individually. This means that if you want to order a pair, please make sure to select a quantity of two.



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