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Foot- , Back- & Hip Pain Foam Insoles


★ Relieve pain caused by plantar fasciitis and other foot pain

★ Suited for all kinds of foot-, back- or hip pain

★ Reduce pressure on the plantar fascia, soles, knees, joints and heels

★ Make walking and standing feel good again

★ Designed by professional podiatrists and physiotherapists

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The best all around insoles on the market…

Plantar Fasciitis can be a difficult animal to deal with. If you have ever experienced any sort of foot pain you know what I mean. Standing hurts, walking hurts and even lying on the sofa does not even feel that good. It is just horrible…

Causes and symptoms

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There are various causes for plantar fasciitis and I have written quite a lot about them on our blog. In the end it doesn’t really matter what causes plantar fasciitis. What is important is a solution. Do you agree with that? Well, there are a lot of treatments and exercises that you can do at home, the office or anywhere else. But what you definitely need is a good pair of compression sleeves and a great pair of insoles that minimize the pressure on your plantar fascia and support your arch with every step.

If you have not done it by now you should get yourself a pair of our Pain Relief Foot Compression Socks.

An easy and comfortable solution

3d designed insoles for foot pain and plantar fasciitis

To give you the best possible support we have now developed and designed the new Plantar Fasciitis Foam Insoles. They are made of soft and breathable velvet fabric to give you a great feeling. Honestly, these feel so great, even if you are not suffering from foot pain. A special outsole made of PU foam integrates two separate TPU shock absorber elements. These are the most important parts and they change everything. A special surrounding of the heel part gives you just the perfect amount of arch support and keeps the insoles in place, no matter what.

Thanks to the ergonomic design that was created by physiotherapists and foot podiatrists, the complete foot is stabilised and the streamlined insole fits your foot perfectly. Try these fantastic insoles yourself and feel instant relief if you suffer from heel or ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, knee stress and pain, hip pain or pain in the lower back.


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